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E.J. Caton started his journey in beekeeping back in1963.  His mentor was Amos Archer who taught him everythinghe knew until his passing in the early 70's.  Early on Caton started thirsting for more when he beganworking his own hives,and went to the local libraries, and thelocal university's library seeking out anything he could findabout Honeybees and about Beekeeping.Years passed and his hive numbersexpanded quickly as he and his father startedseeking out places to go and things to buy.Buying out equipment from other old timer beekeeperssuch as hand crank extractor, tools, hives andanything that he could use.He even made his own observation hive,after reading about them in a monthly bee magazinehe was receiving.Years later his father was killed in a terrible, tragicaccident...

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